Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers’ needs, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

Name CAS. no. Item no. Lot no. Download file (PDF)
Ethanol 96 per cent 25062 12K08-C01 EN
Ethanol anhydrous 25063 13A08-C01 EN
Ethanol anhydrous 25063 13C01-C01 EN
Ethanol anhydrous 25063 13D29-C01 EN
Water Purified 25065 12G31-C20 EN
Water, purified 25065 12I18-C20 EN
Water, purified 25065 12J16-C20 EN
Water, purified 25065 13A07-C20 EN
Water, purified 25065 13B04-C20 EN
Water, purified 25065 13D04-C20 EN
Acetone 2507051 12A17-C01 EN
Ether 25074 12G09-C02 EN
Ether 25074 12G26-C03 EN
Ether 25074 12I20-C03 EN
Ether 25074 12K07-C02 EN
Ether 25074 13A07-C06 EN
Ether 25074 13C14-C02 EN
Ether 25074 13D11-C02 EN
Isopropyl alcohol 25078 12D05-C01 EN
Chlorhexidine digluconate 20 per cent 25207 12G23-C01 EN
Bitrex solution 25240 13C15-C01 EN
Dimethyl sulfoxide 25279 12H20-C01 EN
Dimethyl sulfoxide 25279 13D11-C03 EN
Hydrogen peroxide 30 per cent 25283 12G20-C01 EN
Hydrogen peroxide solution (30 per cent) 25283 13D10-C01 EN