Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers’ needs, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

Name CAS. no. Item no. Lot no. Download file (PDF)
MINOXIDIL 250 G 12-11-347 21F09-H11-00025 EN
MINOXIDIL 2,5 G 15-00-130 21F09-H12-00025 EN
MINOXIDIL 25 KG 12-11-678 21F25-H07-00819 EN
MINOXIDIL 1 KG 22-00-004 21G12-H12-00819 EN
MINOXIDIL 5 G 12-10-693 21G15-H09-00025 EN
MINOXIDIL 100 G 12-10-697 21G15-H07-00025 EN
MINOXIDIL 50 G 12-10-707 21G15-H08-00025 EN
MINOXIDIL 2,5 G 15-00-130 21G15-H10-00025 EN
Minoxidilum 506351 20F10-F05-378802 DE, EN, FR, NL
Minoxidilum 521679 20F10-F05-378116 DE, EN, FR, NL
MINOXIDIL 1 KG 22-00-004 21H05-H05-00819 EN
MINOXIDIL 0052043 15K17-B06-323538 EN
MINOXIDIL 0052043 17B22-B01-334449 EN
MINOXIDIL 0052043 19E28-B12-201117 EN
MINOXIDIL 0052043 20A07-B03-201135 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 15K17-B05-318239 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 16J24-B05-330489 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 17B22-B02-336169 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 17H08-B06-341405 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 18C20-B01-352750 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 19G22-B02-196670 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 20A07-B03-200343 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 20A07-B03-201542 EN
MINOXIDIL 0827337 20K05-B03-202858 EN