Documents (MSDS & CoA)

To go further in meeting our customers’ needs, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and technical specifications are available for all our products online or upon request.

Name CAS. no. Item no. Lot no. Download file (PDF)
Vancomycini hydrochloridum 400298 SB061201 DE, EN, FR, NL
Iodum 0256222 11J07-T53-012412 FR, NL, NLB
Talcum 0273581 11I29-T51-G12012 FR, NL
Talcum 0273581 12D10-T51-000728 EN
Talcum 0273581 12D10-T51-0218 FR, NL
Talcum 0273599 12D10-T51-021512 FR, NL
Talcum 0273599 12D10-T51-033112 EN
celluloseacetoftalaatoplossing 0288571 12K07-V48185 EN
unguentum emulsifican 0371112 12K26-V48408 EN
Talcum 0372458 12D10-T51-000676 EN
IPECACUANHAE EXTR. FL. COMP. 250G 0378-273 12J17-V48501 EN
Zinci Oxidum 0387159 12C09-T51-023512 FR
Zinci oxidum 0387159 12C09-T51-001565 EN
Zinci oxidum 0387159 12C09-T51-027712 EN
paracetamolum 045264 13B19-B01-279733 NL
Basis linim. hypochlor. 0,25 , 06L29-B01 DE, EN, FR, NL
Basis linim. hypochlor. 0,25 , 07G11-S01 DE, EN, FR, NL
Basis linim. hypochlor. 0,25 , 08D01-S01 DE, EN, FR, NL
Basis linim. hypochlor. 0,25 , 08J07-S01 DE, EN, FR, NL
Water, purified 10000 12I18-C20-14365 EN
Water, purified 10000 12I18-C20-14368 EN
diclofenacsodio 10040 110615-7#3 AR
Water, purified BIB 10041 12I18-C20-14364 NL
mentolcristalizado 10077 mc014lt#2 AR