MediSpend™ can be used to aid the administration of intact tablets and capsules as well as crushed tablets and capsules’ content. The starch-based product has a lightly viscous consistency with a lemon flavor, and lubricates the medication for optimal patient comfort.

User instructions

  1. Place the medication on a tablespoon, crush the tablet or open the capsule only if necessary.*
  2. Add 10 ml (two pumps) of MediSpend™ onto the spoon to cover the medication.
  3. Take the medication and finish by drinking water.**

* When crushing tablets or opening capsules it is recommended to carefully read the patient information leaflet of your medication and/or consult your health professional.
** Finish by drinking water if this is recommended in the patient information leaflet of your medication. l Administration Solutions

Benefits of MediSpend™

  • Compatible with a broad range of medicines.
  • Pleasant lemon taste
  • Provides patient comfort and enhanced patient compliance.
  • Free of avoidable ingredients, including ethanol, sugar, lactose, or gluten.
  • Packaged in a 1L pump bottle that is easy to use and does not require refrigeration. MediSpend™ is uniquely developed for the purpose of assisting with oral medication intake. It is suitable for everyone from the age of 2 who can swallow independently. MediSpend™ is a Class I Medical Device in Europe and is available without prescription.


Download the Medispend™ patient leaflet

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