Six new, innovative Fagron Advanced Derma vehicles!

Fri, 09/19/2014

Fagron Advanced Derma is a total solution for the treatment of dermatological diseases and conditions and now includes a range of eleven skin-friendly vehicles for different skin types and areas. New to the family of advanced dermatological vehicles are:

  • Occluvan™ - Hydrophilic ointment base
  • Emolivan™ - Natural W/O cold cream base
  • Nourilite™ - Vanishing O/W emulsion base
  • Seraqua™ - Ultra-light O/W serum base
  • Nourisil™ - Anhydrous silicone base
  • Solydra™ - Natural oil base

Fagron Advanced Derma offers unique benefits based on the latest, international scientific knowledge within the area of dermatology. With Fagron Advanced Derma, your patients are guaranteed to receive the best advanced, individualised dermatological therapy and care:

  • Vehicle design according to the latest scientific insights into the safety, tolerance of topically applied ingredients
  • Different highly comfortable bases for different skin types
  • Suitable for vulnerable, sensitive skin
  • A formulary containing different formulations for easy prescribing and compounding by indication
  • Optimal compatibility with a broad range of active pharmaceutical and dermaceutical ingredients
  • A convenient compatibility table, showing the scientifically studied compatibility of various active pharmaceutical and dermaceutical ingredients in each vehicle.

Discover more about the new Fagron Advanced Derma vehicles.