Thu, 02/07/2019

Together we create the future of personalized medicine.

Fagron today launched its new brand identity, with its redefined purpose ‘Together we create the future of personalized medicine’. The new brand identity reflects Fagron, our culture, our values, our business segments, while also reflecting our devotion and passion to improve personalized medicine.

The new brand identity consists of a powerful logo, a new brand architecture and a brand line. Together, it creates one, distinctive global brand and supports Fagron’s strategic vision to create the future of personalized medicine.

The logo consists of nine dots. Every dot represents an important element of Fagron’s identity. Acknowledging heritage, valuing today and embracing the future. Fagron puts its customer first; the customer is represented by the first red dot. Surrounded by red dots that represent business values deemed to be crucial to deliver on our purpose; speed of execution, entrepreneurship, creativity and quality. Quality is at the center of our new logo, emphasizing that quality is in the middle of our daily operations and main center of reference. The sixth and last red dot stands for the core business being pharmaceutical compounding. The subsequent three grey dots symbolize the evolution of new business segments that have recently been introduced: Genomics, Lab and Technology

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Medical science evolution changes patients’ therapeutic needs. Next to leading edge compounding, which we serve for 29 years together with health care professionals, we evolve.

Together with prescribers and pharmacists, we are more committed to offer advanced and safer personalized pharmaceutical solutions. Together we evolve compounding by developing specialized lab services and specialised compounding equipment; by developing software and digital technological solutions that create broader perspectives to personalized treatment; by developing genetic tests for customized primary pharmaceutical solutions.

Our new business elements enable all of us to evolve compounding and create new business oppertunities to diagnose, treat and prevent. Together we create the future of personalized medicine!

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Fagron Genomics enables prescribers to offer customized primary pharmaceutical solutions by use of pharmacogenetics. Fagron Genomics develops genetic tests and biomedical analyses to assist prescribers to diagnose, prevent and treat focusing on identification of genetic variations for more effective personalized treatments. Our mission is to develop and commercialize genetic and biomedical analyses that allow our partner physicians generate a better diagnostic and provide personalized preventative and curative treatments.

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Fagron has developed and continuously invests in a broad concept of lab solutions for compounding pharmacies. By offering specialised lab services in the field of R&D, advanced lab analysis, specialized compounding equipment and tailor made production laboratory concepts used by pharmacists for compounding, we aim to improve safety and efficacy of personalised pharmaceutical solutions. These services are specially designed for the needs of modern compounding pharmacies and prescribers.

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Fagron also develops software and digital technology solutions that create broader perspectives to personalized treatment. The software developed by Fagron Tech allows pharmacists to effectively manage all sectors of the pharmacy, substantially improve their relationship with customers and prescribers, have greater security and standardization at all stages of the process. Fagron’s complete operational, administrative and financial management systems integrate orders, structure price composition, facilitate quotes with suppliers, and more.

New possibilities for prescribers and compounding pharmacies

On this context compounding is changing offering new possibilities for prescribers and compounding pharmacies to grow. Use of genetic and biomedical analysis create better diagnostics and therapeutic approaches that can be addressed with compounded medication. Use of advanced quality control methods create safer personalised medication while broadening the manufacturing capabilities of compounding pharmacies to higher risk preparations. Digital technology solutions connect health care professionals with patients while offering a broad database of scientific data on compounding formulations.