Medicinal cannabis now also distributed exclusively by Fagron in Germany

Mon, 12/08/2008

Following the success of medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands a number of other countries have shown an interest. In Germany too an increasing number of doctors are interested in prescribing medicinal cannabis. At the political level it has recently been decided there to make medicinal cannabis available for patients in special cases.

In the Netherlands a growing number of doctors know and appreciate the therapeutic properties of medicinal cannabis for various indications, including alleviating pain. Pharmacists in the Netherlands have provided cannabis to patients with a doctor’s prescription since 1 September 2003. At that time the Dutch Office of Medicinal Cannabis appointed Fagron Nederland packer and logistics services provider of medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands. Fagron Germany has an exclusive license for the import and distribution of medicinal cannabis in Germany. This means that from today Fagron will be distributing medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands as well as Germany.