Fagron takes over activities of Danish Unikem

Thu, 07/10/2008

Fagron has reached agreement with Nomeco about the takeover of Unikem’s activities by means of an asset deal. Unikem is a division of Nomeco that has focused on selling pharmaceutical raw materials in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia for over 200 years. Unikem supplies these raw materials to (hospital) pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry. In 2007, Unikem achieved a double-digit EBITDA margin on turnover of approximately 3 million Euros. The transaction will be finalized at the end of July.

With this takeover of the activities of Unikem, Fagron will expand its operations into Scandinavia. The takeover is fully in line with Fagron’s ‘buy-and-build’ strategy, and will contribute to Fagron’s strategy to further expand its market leadership in pharmaceutical compounding in Europe. The introduction of the Fagron model and Fagron’s broad product range will strengthen Unikem’s market position in Scandinavia further.