Fagron - Global expertise for local needs

Fri, 01/22/2016
Fagron - Global expertise for local needs

Fagron - Global expertise for local needs

Fagron is a R&D scientific specialty pharma company, active in 32 countries, that has a global reach via the business development team, located at the headquarters in Rotterdam. If you are not located in a country with a Fagron sales office and you have an interest in Fagron Essentials, Fagron Trademarks or compounding support, our experts from the global business development team will complement your needs with their experience and expertise. For all local requests we will create a customized solution for your business challenge or opportunity:

  • With Fagron Essentials you have access to over 5,000 high-quality active pharmaceutical raw materials, both standardized products as well as products for specific customer needs.
  • Fagron Trademarks are developed with the aim to offer a total concept in professional care. Our topical vehicles are suitable for customized prescription compounding made in the pharmacy, but also work well as basic skin care. For quick and easy administration of oral medication, Fagron’s oral suspension vehicle range provides pharmaceutical stability and dosage consistency for your patients. Our equipment make basic and advanced compounding easy, while it saves you time and enhances efficiency.
  • To support you as a healthcare professional we can provide you with compounding formulas, instructions and stability studies.

For optimizing and innovating customized pharmaceutical care, the Fagron business development team is your business partner in finding the right solution for you. In any case of specific requests, need for support or if you would like to receive more information on the supply of our products and services, contact us at: global@fagron.com.