Fagron acquires control of Czech Tamda

Thu, 04/24/2008
Fagron now active in 11 European countries

Fagron has acquired a 70% stake in TAMDA S.A., based in Olomouc, (Czech Republic). Tamda is the Czech market leader in the sale of pharmaceutical raw materials, creams and ointments to pharmacists. Tamda offers a complete assortment of raw materials and semi-finished goods and has a number of own registrations of pharmaceutical specialities. In recent years Tamda has invested heavily in production facilities. The acquisition offers Fagron a number of interesting opportunities for synergies related to the conditioning of pharmaceutical raw materials.

By acquiring Tamda, Fagron starts operations in Central and Eastern Europe, a market that offers many growth opportunities. The acquisition fits the buy-and-build strategy of Fagron, and aids Fagron’s strategy to expand its position as market leader in magistral preparations in Europe. Supported by Fagron’s broad product range, Tamda will strengthen its market leadership in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, management will actively explore a number of opportunities in other Central European markets.

Tamda realised revenues of almost EUR 6 million in 2007 and has grown nicely in recent years. The company realises a high single-digit EBITDA margin. By implementing the Fagron-model, this margin will evolve into the average of the Fagron Group.